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Motor Control Options and Specifications
Line Voltage Somfy Tubular Shade & Drapery Motors
Somfy offers a wide range of tubular motors for different applications:
• Heavy duty motors can operate very large shades & awnings.
• Radio Frequency controls available.
• Easily integrated in to home automation systems & universal remotes.
• Minimal wiring for easy installation.
• Line voltage motors are now available with quiet technology and position feedback.
Somfy’s 5 channel wall switch and hand held remote can control 5 single shades or 5 groups of shades with an “All up & All down” function.
Low Voltage Lutron Tubular Shade & Drapery Motors
• Lutron offers ultra silent tubular & drapery motors.
• Integrate artificial and natural light controls on same key pads.
• Wide range of multi colored custom wall switches.
• Lutron motors are easily integrated in to Lutron home automation systems.
Battery Operated Motors
• Smith Shade only offers the best quality battery operated motors with radio frequency controls.
• Battery operated motors available for roller shades, cellular shades, blinds and roman shades/ woven woods.
• No wiring needed!
• Wall switch or hand held remotes with group controls available for battery motors.
• Home automation integration now available for battery operated motors.

Smith Shade represents Elero's line of motors and linear actuators for exterior facades and shading. As the architectural community focuses on more environmentally green designs, they are understanding the importance of motorization, automation and integration.


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